Trading Videos

Please read before you use or watch this video and any other subsequent videos that we post.

The purpose of these short videos is to educate individuals that want to know the how, why and when to trade stocks or a stock position.

  • These videos are not designed for investors and individuals that want to speculate and become rich over night. Many of positions that we trade are part of a larger portfolio of stocks that we may own or trade based on different strategies.
  • Some or all of these stock strategies may not be right for you.
  • Do not try to trade stocks if you believe that the “Market” hates you and is out to get you.
  • Do not use any of our trading strategies if you have no experience trading stocks or basic financial concepts on why or how a stock fluctuates.
  • Do not use your rent or retirement money to trade stocks.
  • Do not trade stocks if you become anxious or stressed out if you lose $1 dollars or less.
  • Do not trade stocks if you can’t afford to lose all your money.

Trading Roku Series: Nasdaq:Roku

Trading Roku- Part 1