UCS Innovative Technology Fund Membership


Become a member and gain access to buy, sell or hold recommendations, new  IPOs and Initial Coin Offerings and the opportunity to own shares individually or as a portfolio of companies such as Microsoft, Intel, Alphabet, Apple, AMD, Facebook, Tesla and other technology heavyweights. Enjoy access to a growing portfolio of some of the most prolific, innovative, technology growth companies in the world.

Don’t pass up the chance to participate in some of the hottest growth companies on the planet. Our system for identifying, investing and managing growth companies gives you a chance to earn the returns you deserve.

UCS Investment Company is a Registered Investment Advisor with a solid credentials. We are registered with the SEC and FINRA with zero complaints over a span of 25 years. You can find our registration with the SEC and FINRA by clicking here.




UCS Innovative Technology Fund LLC

UCS Innovative Technology Fund LLC is a private multi-member LLC. A multi-member LLC is an LLC with more than one member. UCS Innovative Technology Fund LLC is company within the family of companies owned by UCS Investment Co. Once you become member you will own a percentage of the LLC based on the amount of  your contribution (billed separately).  The company makes purchases directly through a number of trading exchanges for its limited-liability members on the NASDAQ, NYSE, and other exchanges around the globe.

Due to the tax implications of LLCs, owning a membership in the company could affect your taxes in the upcoming tax year. Please consult a tax advisor if you have any questions regarding your tax position with becoming a member.



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