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Technology Series Portfolio

Minimum Investment:$5,000
Asset Allocation: 25% Cash/75% Stocks
Expected Annual Return: 15%
Minimum Time Period: 24-36 months
Current year-to-date performance24%
Inception date: 4/15/2018

You can own this portfolio in a RothIRATaxable Account, SEP/IRA. The amount of the portfolio can be scaled up or down according to your investment needs.

The annual subscription covers a one-time fee for the monthly services of a registered investment advisor. The investment advisor is added to assist you in managing your account.

This portfolio is available as annual subscription.


This portfolio is made of  some of the most prolific, innovative, technology growth companies in the world. We believe that this portfolio will continue to grow at an annual rate of  15% per year. The portfolio is up 23% for the year. Positions include companies such as Microsoft, Intel, Alphabet, Apple, AMD, Facebook, Comcast and other technology heavyweights. This portfolio is pegged or tracks the NASDAQ Composite Index.

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