iPortfolio Semiconductor 200 Series- One-time Subscription $500

$500.00 / year and a $79.99 sign-up fee

Min – Max investment for Regular and Trading Accounts: $5000+
Min – Max investment for a Virtual Account: $500 or $1000
Asset Allocation Mix: Semiconductor companies
Expected Annual Return: 25%+
Minimum Time Period: 06- 12 months
Current year-to-date performance: -2.1%
Inception date: 06/12/2018

This is a virtual account subscription.



The semiconductor industry is doing really well this year. The sector’s performance is being driven primarily by companies located in countries like U.S., China, Taiwan and Korea that have committed huge parts of their capital spending budgets to capture more market share, with the end goal of dominating the next generation of technologies like 4G and 5G. Many analysts are predicting that many of the new technologies will be driven by the chips of the future which will help companies continue to increase profit margins, productivity and efficiency and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs for their respective economies.

In light of the industry’s past performance, our advisors have built a performance based semiconductor portfolio that we believe will do extremely well in this market.


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