iPortfolio- Conservative 300 Series


Conservative 300 Series Portfolio

Minimum Investment:$5,000
Asset Allocation: 17% Cash/67% Bonds/17% Stocks
Expected Annual Return: 6%
Minimum Time Period: 24-36 months
Current year-to-date performance6.35%
Inception date: 4/15/2018

You can own this portfolio in a RothIRATaxable Account, SEP/IRA. The amount of the portfolio can be scaled up or down according to your investment needs.

The subscription covers a one-time charge and adds a registered Financial Advisor to the account to support and assist you in selecting and setting up your account.

This portfolio is not available as a subscription to a virtual account. However, you can download the portfolio’s spreadsheet and check back for updates every 30 days.


Are you looking for income? You could be losing thousands of dollars daily on your current savings account, if you are currently earning less that 3% annually on your money?  Would like to earn more income without increasing the investment risks in your retirement portfolio or savings account? Earn up to 6% or more on our safer, diversified higher yielding portfolio of conservative investments.

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