Fin-tech Truck Services Membership


Get access and discounts to all of our services by signing up and becoming a new member today. Stay in compliance all year round, file your taxes on time, save tons of money avoiding late fees and penalties. Stay in the know. Spend time speaking with a real CPA that only serves the Owner-Operator and self-employed trucking industry.

This offer is for a Limited Time Only.




A financial services and accounting firm just for Owner Operators and self-employed truckers.

Get timely, safe and secure access to all of the compliance, tax and accounting services that your business will ever need. Spend your valuable time speaking with a real CPA that specializes in the trucking industry. Start a new membership this month and we will activate a free online copy of QuickBooks, the #1 small business software for small businesses for 12 months and set it up for you to use.

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