Betterment- Vanguard Strategic Model Portfolio 50/50

$100.00 $89.00

This portfolio is a balanced diversified combination of Domestic Equity, International Equity, Domestic Fixed Income, International Fixed Income and Money market fund. The weighted expense ratio for all of the funds combined in this portfolio is 0.085 or less that eight-tenths of a percent.

The subscription covers a one-time charge and adds a registered Financial Advisor to support and assist you in setting up your account.


Vanguard ETF strategic model portfolios offer:

  • Broad-market equity and investment-grade fixed income exposure,
    encompassing more than 19,000 global stocks and bonds.
  • Diversified index investments that can help alleviate active manager risk
    in portfolios through lower return variability and low turnover.
  • ETFs for potential tax efficiency, transparency, and low costs.
    Remarkably low costs, with weighted average expense ratios ranging
    from 0.07% to 0.08%, enabling investors to keep more of their returns.
  • Vanguard’s 40+ years of experience in portfolio construction and indexing.


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