Welcome to UCS Financial Services.  We are a financial advisory firm that offers a full array of financial services. Our investment vision is premised on building and creating wealth for investors by providing the best in income and growth opportunities across the investment universe. Providing the tax and preservation strategies to reducing the taxes on that wealth by using technology to leverage and manage risks among asset classes in an investment portfolio.

We are a fee-only investment and tax advisory planning firm that prides itself on unparalleled service and performance. We are committed to providing unbiased advice and prudent strategies for investing and building wealth. Our services are always tailored to your unique needs. We also provide accounting, investment management, retirement planning, and estate and tax planning services. Our fee-only approach allows us to serve you without compromise. We do not work on a commission basis, nor do we benefit from recommending any particular course of action. Our reward is satisfied clients!

Check back regularly as we posts new portfolios on our iPortfolio page.  Each portfolio is value driven, balanced, tracks a specific index or industry and uniquely designed to make you money and increase your wealth. An investor may purchase each portfolio in an IRA, Roth, SEP/IRA, 401K Simple Plan, a regular Investment Account, or our newly created Virtual Account.

Call 1-866-801-3359 to speak with an advisor today if you have any questions.

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